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We help in improving the yields of land with our Bio-Organic Fertilizers at competitive prices.

Bio fertilizers are eco-friendly fertilizers which are used to improve the yields and quality of the soil and crops. These are manufactured with biological wastes and do not contain any sort of chemicals. Thus, they are advantageous to the soil, as they enrich their quality. We, MRCF Industries Bio Organic Fertilizer are a progressive Manufacturer of bio organic fertilizers such as Phosphate Rich Organic Manure, NPK Mixed Granulated Fertilizers, Bio Organic Fertilizers, Granulated Organic Fertilizers, Organic Prom Granule, Soil Conditioner, etc. Our range is manufactured utilizing high grade substances of living organism processed with advance techniques to increase fertility of land. Our strict quality assurance approach towards our products has helped us set up a separate quality control cell outfitted with all needful lab equipments for consistent quality checks. Our proficient quality controllers check the products at every stage from processing to dispatch, for ensuring standard quality products for our customers.

Our Research & Development

Our core strength is our research and development department, that assist us in supplying innovative and advanced products to the clients and attain a good recognition in our domain. For this we have a separate department for research with needful equipments. This department is managed by research experts of our organization. Our R&D professionals keep us ahead in our field and helps us get an edge over other competitors of our industry. Some of the benefits are:-
  • Improved products with many features such as: high effectiveness, matchless quality, safe to use, Eco -friendly, longer shelf life, etc.
  • New developments and innovations in products to supply unparallelled quality products in the market.
  • Improvements in processing techniques and methods to increase productivity.
Advantages of Our Range

Bio organic fertilizers contains living microorganisms which, when applied to seeds, surfaces of plants, or soil, settles the interior of the plant and boosts growth by increasing the supply of  nutrients to the host plant. Some of the advantages of using Bio Organic Fertilizers, Granulated Organic Fertilizers are:
  • The primary benefit is they are environment friendly unlike chemical fertilizers.
  • They are comparatively cost effective.
  • These are used for soil enrichment and improvement in the yields of crops.
  • Plants easily get quality nutrients for their growth through bio organic fertilizers.
  • They harness nitrogen from atmosphere and supply directly to the plants.
  • These increase the crop yield by 10-25%.
  • They help in improving root proliferation.
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